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The personal data that you provide us voluntarily will be included in a file owned by Aeroso Island S.L.U. that will be used to manage your registration as a User, and manage the purchase process in the event that you acquire any of the products from our online store.

HEIMAT is legitimized by your consent to the processing of your data and undertakes to treat your personal data confidentially, making use of them exclusively for the purposes described above.

HEIMAT informs you that security measures of a technical and organizational nature have been adopted to guarantee the security of your data and to prevent its alteration, loss, treatment and / or unauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored, as well as the risks to which they are exposed, whether from human action or from physical media.

HEIMAT will only share the data necessary for the provision of services with suppliers related to the service or purchase made from the site (banks, technology service providers, suppliers and collaborators of logistics services, transport and delivery, customer service and marketing providers and event organizers ...)

In any case, all of them are located within the European Economic Area and therefore are linked by the requirements of the RGPD. The data processed may also be assigned if HEIMAT is required by any administrative or judicial authority or by legal imperative.

However, HEIMAT uses the services of Google Inc. in this regard, the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) confirms that the contractual guarantees of Google Inc. for international data transfers are adequate from the RGPD standards. In addition, HEIMAT has accounts in the main social networks of the Internet, and acknowledges the responsibility for the treatment in relation to the published data (photos uploaded by HEIMAT in which faces of people appear, for instance). These platforms or social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, to whom an international transfer of data is made, analytical and technical, in relation to the Website being on its servers where HEIMAT treats the data that users, subscribers or visitors to HEIMAT or share with it.

Through the Website, the Client can access, through links, to third-party websites, such as PayPal. At no time does HEIMAT staff have access to the bank details (for example, the credit card number) that the user provides to said third parties. In order for the user to pay, HEIMAT will send the data strictly necessary to these payment processors for the issuance of the corresponding payment request.

We will keep the data as long as there is a contractual or commercial relationship with you, or while you do not exercise your right to delete and / or limit the processing of data. After this period of conservation has ended, HEIMAT will eliminate, destroy, block or pseudonymize your personal data. In the case of blocking, your information will always be maintained without any use or any treatment while such information may be necessary for the exercise of claims or may derive some kind of judicial, legal, or contractual responsibility for your treatment that must be addressed and for which reason it is necessary to proceed with its recovery.

To exercise your rights of access, rectification or deletion, limitation to processing, or opposition, as well as your right to portability, please send a written communication from the email account used to process the registration, attaching a copy of your ID to or through postal mail addressed to the following address: C/ General Rubín, nº 8, Pontevedra.

You will also have the right to file a claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, either through the electronic site of your web portal (, or by writing to your postal address (c/ Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 - Madrid).

Also, this website uses cookies for functional and analytical purposes. A cookie is a file or device that is downloaded onto a User's internet terminal device when browsing the web. It is used to store and retrieve data that found on the device and reflects the User's activities during their browsing.

Internet service providers may use the cookie to perform functions such as facilitating User navigation on websites visited; enhance User buying experiences on websites visited; provide information on User browser habits on websites to develop new products or services or provide information on User browsing habits on websites to direct them to behavioral advertising.

Cookies can be:

  • ours: These are cookies that are enabled by the owner of the website the User is visiting, sending them from equipment or a domain managed by the editor itself and from which the it provides the services requested by the User; or
  • third party: These are cookies that are enabled by other service providers with whom the owner of the site that the User is visiting has contracted for the provisioning of certain services; they are sent from a device or domain that is not managed by the editor, but rather another entity that processes the data obtained through cookies.

Based on the time that they remain active, cookies can be:

  • session: These are cookies designed to collect and store data while the User accesses a website.
  • persistent: These are cookies in which the data remains stored on the terminal and can be accessed and processed for a period of time defined by the owner of the cookie, which may range from minutes to years.

Based on their purpose, cookies can be:

  • analytical: These are cookies that, processed by the owner of the website or by third parties, make it possible to quantify the number of users and thus provide statistical measurement and analysis on how users use the service offered, so as to improve the offering of products and services provided.
  • advertising: These are cookies that allow for the most efficient management of the advertising spaces that, if applicable, the editor has included on a website, application or platform that is used to provide the service requested based on criteria such as the content edited or the frequency with which the advertisements are shown.
  • behavioral advertising: These are cookies that allow for the most efficient management of the advertising spaces that, if applicable, the editor has included on a website, application or platform that is used to provide the service requested. These cookies store information on user behavior obtained through the ongoing observation of their browsing habits, which makes it possible to develop a specific profile to show advertising based on such habits. It is also possible that upon visiting a website or opening an email where an ad or promotion on certain products or services is published, a cookie is installed in the browser that is used later on to show advertising related to the search performed in order to control ads related, for example, with the number of time the User visits, where the ads appear, what time they are seen, etc.

What cookies can be enabled without the consent of the User?

 There are some cookies that can be implemented in the User's terminal without requiring consent:

  • Cookies which are used solely to communicate between the User's device and the network.
  • Cookies which are used strictly to provide a service strictly requested by the user.

Thus, cookies excepted form asking for consent are:

  • User login cookies.
  • User identification or authentication cookies (only session cookies).
  • User security cookies.
  • Media player cookies.
  • Balance-loading session cookies.
  • User interface customization cookies.
  • Plug-in cookies for exchanging social media content.

On the other hand, analytical, advertising and tracking cookies do need User consent.

What cookies do we use, who controls them, what purpose do they serve and how long do we keep the information

The present website currently requires cookies for browsing and other cookies for collecting statistical and analytical information, which allow us to analyze user browsing habits and obtain statistical data to improve our services. Cookies used by the website are associated only with an anonymous user and their computer, thus not providing themselves the personal data of the User.

By using cookies, it is possible for the server where the website is hosted to recognize the web browser used by the user in order to make browsing easier, allowing, for example, access to Users who have registered previously, access to areas, services, promotions and contests reserved exclusively for them without having to register on each visit.

Cookies are also used to measure the audience and traffic parameters, control progress and the number of log-ins.

The table below identifies all of the cookies that we use: 



Responsible party



payment processing service that process all payments for orders from the website

Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd

 + info

24 hours


shows when a visitor adds a product to their cart


2 weeks


to prevent cross-site request forgery




tells that the visitor has a cart


2 weeks


to determine uniqueness of the user (unique visitor) for website usage analysis


2 years


to identify a user’s session for website usage analysis


30 minutes


represents the same information as ss_cvisit with the exception that it stores the previous session instead of the current one


2 years


is equivalent to the ss_cid cookie with the exception that it stores the values of the current and ss_cvisit ss_cpvisit cookies


2 years


is equivalent to ss_cvisit with the exception that it stores a count of the page views for that session


30 minutes

 How can you revoke consent to the use of these cookies?

You can revoke your consent at any time. To do so, you must disable cookies from our website by following the instructions in the previous section based on which browser you use.

We hereby inform you that revoking consent, and therefore the disabling of certain cookies, may prevent the use of certain features on our website.

How can you disable cookies already installed in your browser?

You can disable or block them from your browser by entering into the browser's settings menu.

We hereby inform you that if you disable any cookies in your browser settings selection, you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website.

Find below some links to some of the most commonly used browsers explaining how to set your preferences regarding cookies:

  • Google Chrome:
  • Mozilla Firefox:
  • Internet Explorer:
  • Safari:

 If you have any questions about how we use cookies, please send us an email or a letter to

In addition, you can access some educational videos published by the Spanish Data Protection Agency which explains, step by step, how to set the privacy options for the most common browsers, social media networks and mobile operating systems by going to: AEPD Videos.