Tote tom tom pink magenta

Tote tom tom pink magenta


Dimensions : Size Tote (30 cm x 32 cm x 14 cm)
Color : natural and pink magenta
Material : hand-embroidered shells, reed basket

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How to care

Please kindly note that each HA is uniquely crafted by hand so minor alterations that do not compromise the aesthetic or quality of the product are to be expected.

Every item is intrinsically unique due to its handmade nature. 

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Tote tom tom pink magenta

Tote tom tom pink magenta

Tote tom tom pink magenta

Tote tom tom pink magenta

Tote tom tom pink magenta

Tote tom tom pink magenta

Tote tom tom pink magenta

Heimat Bag is a handcrafted collage made up of exceptional elements from the Atlantic coast. 

The Tote bag is made of hand-woven reed from Portugal. The interior is fitted with durable base made with Spanish leather and the handle are also in leather cowhide and embellished with a hand-embroidered shell. The exterior is finished with protective golden feet. 

Heimat Atlantica works to transform and preserve specific know-hows from the Atlantic coast. With his project we want to highlight the artistic work of the necklace-makers "colareiras" from O Grove on the Galician coast.