Lares necklace in marble blue and white

Lares necklace in marble blue and white


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The joyful Lares collection- a delightful reflection of my journey in Rome, where I immersed myself in the captivating world of Art History. Exploring archeological sites like Ostia Antica- my absolute favorite!

This collection is all about creating powerful talismans, just like the Roman Empire’s protective deities that once adorned every Roman household. Now, we can carry these enchanting charms with us every step of our journey!

This necklace has a special vibration which will make your outfit stand out. The aspect of the silver and the porcelain is alive and irregular. The primitive and raw character of these two elements contrast with the lightness of the hanging natural pearls that radiate flashes of color.

Wear this precious blue and white marble necklace to add a touch of uniqueness to your outfit!

Dimensions: 4 cm
Material: porcelain, sterling silver 925 golded, pearls
Details: sterling silver 925 golded ball chain, 45 cm
Handcrafted in Spain


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Lares necklace in marble blue and white

Lares necklace in marble blue and white

Lares necklace in marble blue and white

Lares necklace in marble blue and white

Lares necklace in marble blue and white

This project is quite incredible, it relies on the unique making process from a unique person; where the ceramic alchemist (Mario Feijoo) follows his secret formula melting both, the components of the porcelain and minerals to bring that stunning finishing of marble to the pieces.

We also worked with a traditional goldsmith “plateros” atelier (Angel Porto) in Santiago de Compostella, tradition started in the XVI century under the Cathedral programs.

The atelier works with the ancient jewelry techniques and all the process is an incredible choreography of gestures and completely hand-made. They mounted the porcelain pieces into the sterling silver 925 golded bases.


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My name is Montserrat, I founded HEIMAT ATLANTICA in 2016 when I was living in Paris. HEIMAT is a German word that denotes the special bond a human being has with their origins. After living abroad for more than 15 years, I felt a deep need of communicating about my local identity and share this incredible crafts with the world.

HEIMAT ATLANTICA is not just about creating a label, it is a project related with BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR: from my point of view, fashion must have a social & cultural responsability. Thus, HEIMAT ATLANTICA was born with the aim to PROTECT AND VALORIZE the beautiful popular crafts from the Atlantic coast, Spain and Portugal, working in a direct and closest way with the artisans in order to create a REAL VALUE for them.

With your purchase you are participating to the creation of a market for our crafts and giving value to the 36 hours that takes to make an Heimat bag.

Thank you for being part of my comunity and for helping me to achive my mission.



In 2016, I designed and made the bag for myself, it came up in a very intuitive way; I wanted a talisman to help me find TRUE LOVE and then people stopped me on the streets in Paris to ask where I had bought it.

The porcelain embellishments are lucky charms that serve different purposes: protection of happiness, material possessions, honor, love … In that sense whether you believe in Magic or not, these charms have a universal significance.