by Team Heimat Atlantica Heimat Atlantica
PARIS is HEIMAT ATLANTICA second home and is also the PLACE TO BE!
FASHION WEEK is for us an ESSENTIAL event where we can SHARE all our new TREASURES to the world.
We introduce or NEW COLLECTION for SS23 in the most beautiful way: surrounded by MARIANA BUMINOV incredible artwork.
As you know, for HEIMAT ATLANTICA the culture is essential.
MICHEL REIN GALLERY has been SUPPONTING emerging contemporary ARTIST for years and that made it the perfect choice for our SHOWROOM. A unique place in the center of PARIS, where ART coexisted with our CRAFTMANSHIP giving rise to a unique and MAGICAL DIALOGUE.
The result was A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!
A wonderful mix between art and fashion where our ARTISAN BAGS, as true ART PIECES, were the main guests into the colorful space of this STUNNING GALLERY.