by Team Heimat Atlantica Heimat Atlantica
Discover our LARES Capsule Collection.
Where Fashion meets Crafts in every stitch.
HEIMAT ATLANTICA is above and beyond all a project about weaving TRADITION into MODERNITY through the processes of art history, design and collage in space, conventions and time.

For our new LARES COLLECTION our vision was to create PORCELAIN protector TALISMANS  inspired by the roman deities who were believed to PROTECT US on our journey in life. 

From the beginning the idea was to make a capsule collection in link with TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUES but from a CONTEMPORARY point of view. 

Our new proposal includes new FETISH OBJECTS: vases, new tartan bags and jewelry. Behind it, is the hand of incredible ARTISANS who share their LOVE and TECHNIQUE to make magic and create a UNIQUE PRODUCT. 

Leandro Aballe photographed a campaign full of contrast, textures, and brightness. A MODERN ATMOSPHERE in which our amulets inspired by CLASSICAL ICONOGRAPHY stand out!

A COLLECTION that is PURE TALISMAN for those who own it.