Lararium new jewelry

The new collection Lararium is inspired by my journey in Rome, when I was studying History of Arts: my favorite thing was visiting archeological sites like Ostia Antica. For this collection I wanted to create a talisman for our houses, likewise in the Roman Empire each Roman home had a set of protective deities that we can bring with us when we go out.

This project is quite incredible, it relies on the unique making process from a unique person; where the ceramic alchemist (Mario Feijoo) follows his secret formula melting both, the components of the porcelain and minerals to bring that stunning finishing of marble to the pieces. We also worked with a traditional goldsmith “plateros” atelier (Angel Porto) in Santiago de Compostella, tradition started on the XVI century under the Cathedral programs.

The atelier works with the ancient jewelry techniques and all the process is a incredible choreography of gestures and completely hand-made. They mounted the porcelain pieces into the sterling silver 925 golded bases. The aspect of the silver and the porcelain is alive and irregular which confers the pieces a special vibration. The primitive and raw character of these two elements contrast with the lightness of the hanging natural pearls that radiate flashes of color.